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Cold Drawn Bright Steel Bar

Cold Drawn Bright Steel Bar
Bright Steel Bar offered find application inareas like Pump Shafts, Machined Components, Valves, Dairy Equipments, Fasteners,Machine Tools, Pins, Hinges, Surgical & Medical Parts, Threaded Bars andother end usages. These mild steel bright bars can be offered in different finishes including Centerless Ground & Polished (Strain Hardened), ColdDrawn & Polished Cold Drawn, Centerless Ground & Polished Cold Drawn and others.

Bright steel bar are available in size sranging from 2mm to 100mm with make options including rolling, VSP, JSW orimported. Finding use in areas like engineering components, forging industries,foundation bolt as well as in shafting applications, the low carbon steel used do not contain any alloying elements with carbon content not exceeding 0.25%.


 Length:4-12m,also can as required





 Technique:hot rolled/cold drawn/forges

bright steel bar package&delivery


1.Export standard package: wraps with wovenbag

2.use steel strip tied, and then put intowooden pallet;

3.according customers request


1. According to national standard (GB)forour products, if not, supply according to national standards(GB) or agreement.

2. We can not only provide electric furnace+LF+VD and electroslag re-melting(ESR)steel forging materials, but also forgingproducts of piece, bar, etc.

3. Our company is equipped with rollequipment and can provide our customers with roll billets or finished.

4. Please send us your detailedspecifications when inquire.We will reply to you ASAP.

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